7th Aug 2017

Impressing Plumbers in North Down

We recently caught up with North Down plumbing and heating engineer Andy Kittle on the job in Bangor, here's what he had to say:

"They're a great boiler ... straightforward and sturdy" - Andy (AK Heating & Plumbing Services)
I dropped in on Andy while he was fitting our Countryman, outdoor model, in the garden of a house in Bangor, Co. Down. Despite working furiously in an attempt to beat the rain Andy took time for a quick chat about the job and his impressions of the boiler.

This was one of "those jobs". You know the type. Replacing a 30 year old boiler always brings its share of surprises. "How did they...", "Why did they...", and my personal favourite "What did they expect that to do?!"

Andy was really impressed with the ease of fitment. "Ripping the old boiler out was the hard part, I was glad the Countryman was so straightforward." While we were chatting through the benefits of Turco boilers the heavens opened! We covered tools and headed inside for a cup of tea. Andy has been fitting boilers throughout his extensive career and he was well pleased with Turco.

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