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Why Choose Turco?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

🟠 Benefits of a Turco Boiler and why it is better for our environment

With being in the boiler industry for 40 + years our main goal has been to create the most efficient and cost effective boiler possible.

Our condensing oil boiler range has increased efficiency through maintaining the heat for as long as possible within the heat exchanger. By increasing the temperature of the water returning to the main boiler it requires less energy to heat to the operating temperature. This ‘longer pass’ through the heat exchanger means that flue gases leaving the boiler are lower as most heat transfer happens within the boiler which means our boiler is better for the environment and reduces carbon footprint.

Turco boilers have a Band A Rating on the SEDBUK scale with net efficiencies of up to 97%. Our boilers are fitted with a Bentone BF1 Burner which is quiet, reliable and proven.

🟠 Installing a Turo Boiler

When designing our boilers we always had the customer in mind and we wanted to ensure that we made it straight forward and hassle free.

· Front access for ease of siting, servicing & maintenance

· Ambassador & Countryman models are prewired for your convenience

· Easily sited thanks to a multidirectional push fit round telescopic flue.

· Plume kit which can be easily fitted to our Consul, Countryman & Ambassador models to direct plume away from buildings, paths, boundary fences etc.

· Our ambassador model is designed to fit under worktops

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