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Turco Engineering Ltd has full sub contracting capability. The Turco Team can take the client through the complete process; from design to costing to manufacture to painting to assembly. In this way Turco can prototype, prove and produce to the highest standards.



CNC Cutting Services: Fibre Laser & Turret Punching

CNC Fibre Laser cutting technology has become an increasingly popular method of profiling sheet metals, this is due to its high precision, impressive cut quality, and incomparable processing speeds.

CNC Turret Punching, while commonplace, can be cost effective production method for creating different basic shapes in sheet metal such as circles, squares and rectangles.

Plasma Cutting

Also in 2019, the company invested in a new Plasma Cutting Machine with 6m x 2m Sheet Capability.

Fibre Laser Profiling

At Turco Engineering we use the cutting edge of profiling technology to produce superior quality product, Fibre Laser.

We have proudly utilized the Bystronic Bysprint for some time now and have seen this amazing machine produce the most defined of cuts. Capable of processing steel sheet of up to 4m x 2m.

In 2019 Turco added to their cutting capability with a new Fibre Laser. This Machine has a 3m x 1.5m bed.

CNC Turret Punching

Turret punching is a cost effective method for cutting sheet metal in moderate to long runs. As a result of the shearing action, edges are exceptionally defined.

Processes sheet steel up to 3m x 1.5m.



Turco have full folding capability and have machinery that will take sheet steel up to 8m in length. The latest folder was installed in 2017 and means high accuracy and increased scope to fold instead of having to cut and weld.

Press Brake Folding

Our team of skilled press brake operators are able to produce reliably high quality bends and folds across a range of gauges of steel.

Across our range of press brake machinery we are capable of bending materials up to 8m at 440 Ton.



Turco prides itself with the highest standards in fabrication. Core welding skills lie with ensuring that Turco's boiler product range are welded and tested to the highest quality as all products must be water tight. These standards are transferred to all sub contract work.

MIG Welding

MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), is a process that utilizes a continuously fed solid electrode, shielding gas from an externally supplied source, and electrical power to melt the electrode and deposit this molten material in the weld joint.

MIG Welding can be used on a wide variety of metals and in a number of different base metal thicknesses.

TIG Welding

TIG Welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), is a process that joins metals by heating them with an arc between a tungsten electrode and the work piece.

Can be used to join almost all metals, with superior weld quality, generally free of defects. Used with stainless steel and other high grade metals, TIG produces an excellent finish.



Quality Assurance & Testing, Shot Blasting, and Paint Shop.
Turco offer onsite shot blasting and painting so that quality can be assured right through to the finished product.


As each consituent part is checked and finished by our team of engineers, at Turco we have complete confidence that we are producing only the highest grade of product.

The ethos of our production process is that of quality, yet we are focused to have the shortest reasonable lead time.

Quality Assurance & Testing

As a result of our drive to have quality output, a quality assurance and testing process is standard on all contracts where usability and soundness are vital.

Pressure and leak testing may, for example, be performed on tanks, vessels, and manifolds to ensure the product is fully viable.

Shot Blasting

Shotblasting is a method used to clean, strengthen (peen) or polish metal.

An abrasive media is compelled by air at the material, removing contaminants, and producing a surface that will more readily accept paint. This process ensures the greatest lifespan of the product and achieves the highest quality of finish.

Paint Shop Services

Hand operated painting enables our team to ensure a high quality finish that will protect the material from corrosion and the effects of moisture ingress.

All painted product is custom detailed and each surface checked for quality assurance.



Turco have fully trained assembly engineers if required by the client. This means that Turco can add value throughout the complete manufacturing process.



Turco believe that working closely with the client is key to a successful partnership. To this end, each client will will be assigned in individual Turco team member who will manage the process from start to finish. With full CAD capability Turco can offer all from costing to prototype to full production as required by the customer.

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