Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high efficiency boiler?

The official rating for boiler efficiency is the SEDBUK scale. With the highest level being (A) at 90% efficient meaning that they use 90% of the fuel to generate heat. Turco boilers are band A with net efficiencies of up to 97%.

What is SEDBUK?

It is a rating developed under the UK government energy efficient programme. It gives an annual rating using a scale A to G with A rated boilers being most efficient.

What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler increases efficiency through maintaining the heat for as long as possible within the heat exchanger. By increasing the temperature of the water returning to the main boiler, it requires less energy to heat to operating temperature. This “longer pass” through the heat exchanger means that flue gases leaving the boiler are lower as most heat transfer happens within the boiler Answer

What is a Combi boiler?

A Combi boiler is a self-contained appliance that generates both central heating and hot water. A Combi boiler eradicates the need for a hot water storage tank therefore is suitable for applications where there is space shortage. It produces immediate hot water on demand.

What is a boiler passport?

A boiler passport is a document that is designed to ensure that all necessary information relating to the life of the boiler is correctly recorded, stored and communicated to the manufacturer. The Installer must arrange for the commissioning engineer to complete the commissioning certificate section of the passport to validate the manufactures warranty.

What does commissioning mean?

Commissioning refers to the engineer checking the settings and controls within the boiler, to ensure that it runs to its maximum efficiency and meets current building regulations. The details of the commissioning should be completed within the boiler passport by the engineer, including the installer’s information. The original top copy of the passport must be returned to the manufacturer. When your Turco boiler is installed please return your passport to Turkington Engineering, 14Tullylagan Road, Cookstown. BT80 9AZ.

Why service your boiler?

It is a requirement that your boiler is serviced at least once a year and recorded on to your boiler passport. This keeps the boiler warranty valid and maintains the maximum efficiency of your boiler ensuring your settings are correct. This should be carried out by a Turco Engineer or a Turco Approved Engineer.

What does the Turco 5 year warranty include?

Please see PDF for Terms and Conditions of Turco 5 Year Warranty.

Can a condensing boiler be fitted to an existing system?

Yes, you may want to consider changing your older oil boiler and a Turco Condensing Boiler can be used as a replacement.

There is a problem with my Turco boiler, what do I do?

Contact our main office on: 028 867 63372 to request an engineer.

Red Light is on in-front of the burner and the boiler is not working?

The burner is failing to fire therefore the red reset button will be illuminated as the boiler has gone to lockout. This indicates that no fuel is getting to the burner. It is recommended that you contact your engineer.

I ran out of oil, the boiler system is air-locked. How do I bleed the system?

This should only be undertaken by a Turco Approved service engineer. If the oil level is allowed to run very low sediment can often be found at the bottom of the oil tank, which can be drawn in to the burner causing severe damage. If you believe this to be the case please contact Turco on 028 867 63372.

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